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Who doesn't love a pet? The day a pet animal enters your family, it becomes a part of it instantly. You spend most of your time at home training your pet, sharing your happiness & sadness, getting pampered unoccasionally, almost every time. 

I love pets and have 2 cats, one dog and one parrot at my home. I believe in adopting the helpless beings who cannot speak for themselves. And this is the sole reason why I decided to bring in those animals who need special care. When I broke the news of adopting a pet in my family it didn't go well. For 2 days I and my family had heated arguments and they were in no mood to accept pets. But I had decided and there was no chance I was going to back out now. One day while in the park, I saw a stranded pup who was in need of medical care and attention. So from my end, it was final. And without even letting anyone know I brought in the puppy after a visit to the vet. 

The first person to see the pup in my hands was my Dad. He was high on anger and I was already prepared for the consequences. I went to my room quietly and kept the pup beside me on my bed the entire night. Next morning I freed him and very cutely he went towards my dad and started staring at him with his tail wagging to show his side of affection. My dad showed signs of protest but as I was away from the scene there was a different situation. I was away for 15 minutes and they had become best friends. He was on my dad's lap and he was scratching his back with a cute smile on his face. This was what I had prayed for. Soon other family members realized the same thing and he became a part of our family officially.

Now after spending years in Sydney, we are moving to Adelaide. We can move, that's not a problem but how can we move 4 pets along with us. It's a 14 hours journey and we have no idea how the weather is gonna treat us. So we started digging on the internet and came across one such removalist, CBD Movers who had mentioned about moving pets on their website. I got in touch with them the minute after and voila our problem was almost solved.

But the next part that was worrying us was the price. We had a budget in mind and if anything went beyond that, we are in the square one. I shared the same with the support team and they tailored a removal quotation that was in our budget. It was on the edge but still, we got the things in the budget defined. Other than our beloved pets, we had furniture to move as well which was heavy as hell. Even the search for budget furniture removals in Adelaide ended with CBD movers.

I am glad, I made the right choice. 

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