Moving With Pets - Read This Article

Who doesn't love a pet? The day a pet animal enters your family, it becomes a part of it instantly. You spend most of your time at home training your pet, sharing your happiness & sadness, getting pampered unoccasionally, almost every time. 

I love pets and have 2 cats, one dog and one parrot at my home. I believe in adopting the helpless beings who cannot speak for themselves. And this is the sole reason why I decided to bring in those animals who need special care. When I broke the news of adopting a pet in my family it didn't go well. For 2 days I and my family had heated arguments and they were in no mood to accept pets. But I had decided and there was no chance I was going to back out now. One day while in the park, I saw a stranded pup who was in need of medical care and attention. So from my end, it was final. And without even letting anyone know I brought in the puppy after a visit to the vet. 

The first person to see the pup in my hands was my Dad. He was high on an…